Early Childhood Classroom Observation Guide

A Walkthrough Checklist for Prekindergarten Classrooms – Level 3 Examples of Quality Classroom Settings

  1.  Furniture arrangement allows for safe supervision
  2.  Furnishings are appropriate
  3.  Health and safety procedures are implemented
  4.  Room is free of clutter and extraneous stimulation
  5.  Classroom spaces well organized & learning materials accessible
  6.  Language and literacy experiences prominent
  7.  Staff interactions with children are positive and promote critical thinking
  8.  Diversity is reflected through the classroom
  9.  Outdoor space is safe and accessible
  10.   Level of sound is elevated indicating communication and learning
  11.   Evidence of DAP curriculum, lesson plans, etc
  12.  Opportunities for various activity groups
  13.   Evidence of accommodations for diverse learners
  14.   Children are actively engaged in activities
  15.   Adults work collaboratively as a team
  16.  Teaching staff use positive classroom management
  17.  Teaching staff promotes social emotional skills
  18.  There is evidence that family involvement is encouraged