Child Outcomes Resources

TATS supports administrators, Pre-K contacts, teachers, and other staff members who have duties related to collecting and entering data for Florida Child Outcome Measurement System (FCOMS). TATS also supports staff in analyzing data trends and developing steps for quality data processes and program development.


History and overview of FCOMs
Flowchart & Rules for Entry/Exit Assessments
Frequently Asked Questions
Contacts Lists by School District

Tools/Resources for Training

Guides for using the BDI-2 Data Manager
Refreshers for Administration of the BDI-2
Video Guides and PowerPoint directions for setting up MDS Accounts

Tools/Resouces for Data

Guides and overview, webinar and video clips for using the BDI-2 data manager.
Information related to Data Clean up, i.e.  and current Excel Macro for running reports.


Guides for staff that administer the BDI-2, user BDI-2 Data Manager, and/or use MDS.
Information Ordering by BDI-2
Flyer for Families