BDI2 Tool Kit for Staff Administration

   Links listed below are resources for administrators who will be managing and assigning staff roles, adding, editing staff assignments, assigning MDS licenses, and running and using system reports (macro). 

BDI-2NU Links to Manuals and Stimulus Books – New on Data manager

BDI2 – Adding and Editing Staff (directions with screen-shots of each step)

Searching for Staff Records

LEA 2020-21 Tip Sheet for Running and Using the Macro

LES 2020-21 Tip Sheet for Macro

Checking Norms and Making Corrections

Setting up BDI2 for Single Classrooms (Each teacher is able to access only his/her class roster)

Setting up and Managing Accounts for  MDS and ERF (includes use of BDI2 Heirarchy – for administrators)

MDS Assignments and Instructions (directions with screen shots of each step)

Flow Chart for Child Outcomes Measures