Tip Sheets for Administration of BDI-2 Items

The Tip Sheets and videos were developed by TATS South-Southwest Assessment Work Group as a collaborative effort to improve fidelity and standardization of administration of BDI-2 assessment items.
The following pages contain Tip Sheets for administration and scoring of selected BDI-2 items. Links to video examples are also included.

TIPS for BDI-2 Adaptive Domain

TIPS for BDI-2 Personal/Social Domain

TIPS for BDI-2 Communication Domain

TIPS for BDI-2 Motor Domain

TIPS for BDI-2 Cognitive Domain

TIPS for BDI-2 Screening Test

The following Tip Sheets are available in pdf form:


TIPS Personal Social Domain pdf

TIPS Communication Domain pdf

TIPS Motor Domain pdf

TIPS Cognitive Domain pdf

TIPS BDI-2 Screening Test pdf