Topic of the Month – November


During this season of Thanksgiving, TATS expresses appreciation for the expertise and efforts of all who work to enrich early childhood. Your participation in professional learning opportunities is especially noticed and appreciated. The Embedding Instruction section of TATS Rock Your Classroom provides helpful resources for developing strategies for implementing instruction that addresses all areas of development throughout the classroom day. In addition, resources to share with families are included.


The section on Embedding Instruction includes the following links to areas of development. Note that Rock Your Classroom indicators and practices closely related to the Child Outcomes Summary processes are indicated in red text. Topics focus on the following sections of Embedding Instruction listed and linked below:


Upcoming Events Calendar

Check the TATS Calendar for upcoming opportunities for professional learning. Link on the calendar icon here or in the top menu bar to see the schedules.

Join us for the November COS Community of Practice, presented in an interactive format.