Emergent academic Skills

emergent academic

Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards – 


Effective Use of Technology in PreK 

Creating Literacy-rich Early Childhood Environments 

Embedding Instruction of Early Literacy and Pre-academic Skills (from TATS Rock Your Classroom)

Supports and Strategies for Literacy and Writing Centers

Make Shared Reading More Powerful – Summary of Suggestions from Learning to Talk and Listen, a project by the National Institute of Literacy

Read Repeat – Suggestions from Center for Early Learning and Literacy (pdf for download)

Talk, Read, and Sing Together Everyday (from Too Small to Fail, and Ideas that Work)


Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards 2017 (FELDS)

Concepts Across Standards (FELDS) 

Things Children Learn From Block Play


Pre-writing with Suggestions for Fine Motor Adaptations

Starting Write – Invented Spelling and Writing – pdf of suggestions from Center for Early Literacy and Learning – US Office of Special Education