Tutorials for Teachers and Families

Self-care for Families – Video Presentation This video describes ways for family members to take care of themselves during stressful situations and changes in family routines. Additional information and links are provided here: Links for Family Self-care Information

Supporting Children Through Interactions – Video Presentation This video offers suggestions for interacting with children in ways that will support them in feeling safe and calm.

Praising Young Children – Video Presentation This video power point describes the “Why, When, and How” of praising and encouraging young children.

Tips for Engaging Young Children – Video Presentation This presentation offers suggestions for gaining children’s attention and presenting activities, as well as strategies to help them increase their participation in activities. Additional information is provided here: Reasons Your Child Might Have Trouble Paying Attention & Tips to Try

Reading with Your Child – Video Presentation This presentation describes the C A R Strategy. C A R (Comment – Ask – Respond) is a strategy for sharing a book with your child in a way that encourages language and literacy development.

Examples of Including Concepts when Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Ideas are modeled for discussing concepts while you are engaging with your child in making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A review of the concepts is provided here: Reinforcing concepts while making a sandwich