Topic of the Month – June

Your time, effort, knowledge and dedication have contributed to the successes and progress of Early Childhood programs this school year. Thank you!


Many students will be transitioning to Kindergarten or to other classrooms to begin the 2023-24 school year. In addition, students might attend Extended School Year programs or various recreational or childcare programs during the summer. Resources for teachers, staff, and families include the following related to various situations.

The previous month’s resources focused on providing information related to summer activities that encourage families to interact in meaningful, fun, and enriching ways to enhance their children’s development. A list of those resources is included here so that this outreach to families may continue.


Check the TATS Calendar for upcoming opportunities for professional development. Register for training opportunities at the calendar link in the top menu bar of TATS website.

TATS Rock Your Classroom Guide to Evidence-based Practices provides descriptions of quality indicators for Early Childhood classrooms along with resources for addressing universal, individualized and intensive levels.