Technical Assistance Papers

Resources from TATS:
New PreK Contacts Info 2018-19 (note: first page is at the end of the document)

Child Outcomes Resources (Indicator 7)

Inclusion Resources (Indicator 6)

Resources for Transition (Indicator 12)

Codes for transition

Transition Planning Timeline Chart

Coordinated Intake and Referral Decision Tree – a good example specific to one district

Info for New PreK contacts 2017-18

Florida Department of Education Technical Assistance Papers Memos and Notes can be accessed at this link.
A selection of Technical Assistance Papers related to Pre-K are listed below:

Exceptional Student Education Eligibility for Infants, Toddlers and Prekindergarten Children  – 11/2013

Evaluation, Determination of Eligibility, Reevaluation and the Provision of Exceptional Student Education Services – 11/2015  

Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities – 08/2013

Transition from Early Steps to the School District Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities or Other Programs  10/2007

Evaluation Procedures and Determination of Eligibility for Children in Transition from Part C to Prekindergarten Programs for Children with Disabilities

Serving Prekindergarten Children with Disabilities in School Readiness Public and Community-Based Settings

Additional letters, statements, clarifications:

Preschool LRE – January 2017 letter addressing environmental codes and services