Topic of the Month – May

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The TATS Topic of the month focuses on providing information and resources to families. TATS Topics through March and April have included collaboration with families during the Child Outcome Summary process and planning for Kindergarten Transition. This focus on family involvement will continue as the processes for COS and development of information to facilitate the successful transition to Kindergarten continue during May.

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The May Topic focuses on providing information related to summer activities that encourage families to interact in meaningful, fun, and enriching ways to enhance their children’s development.

Several resources for teachers and staff to share with families are listed below:

TATS Summer Activity Calendar This resource includes daily activities for May – mid-August, along with an introductory note about its use. The activities are designed to be easily embedded into daily family routines.

Summer Learning is Child’s Play – FL Division of Early Learning Resources are organized by age level in addition to being grouped by type of activity, for example, emergent literacy, math concepts, science and exploration.

Summer Reading Activity Kit – Just Read Florida This resource is in the form of a booklet which can be printed or used as an on-line resource. Each page in the kit describes literacy activities that are easily incorporated into ongoing home activities and routines.

Links to Florida’s Public Libraries The information about public libraries in Florida includes locations and contact numbers, as well as links to library websites that contain additional information about specific summer programs. Share information about your county’s public libraries. Many libraries have summer reading times for young children. With an ID, families should be able to get a library card (they are free).

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A few reminders for teachers and staff:

Exit data is collected and recorded based on the instrument used for entry data. *Children whose entry data was collected with the Battelle Developmental Inventory 2NU (BDI-2NU) must have exit data based on the BDI-2NU. *Children whose entry data was based on the Child Outcome Summary (COS) process must have exit data based on the COS process.

The Macro Tip Sheet for 2022-23 School System LEA – with details for data correction and a link to the Macro for Excel 2007 and later

Upcoming Events Calendar

Check the TATS Calendar for upcoming opportunities for professional development. Register for training opportunities at the calendar link above or in calendar option of the top menu bar of TATS website.

  • The topic for the May 24th COS Community of Practice is Running Reports for CHRIS.
  • The May 17th monthly Learning Community topic is Transitioning to “Next Environments” including Kindergarten.
  • Pre-K Contacts’ Size-a-Like call is scheduled for May 10th.

Steps to Quality for Indicators Below are step-by-step guides for developing processes related to Indicators 6 (Inclusion), 7 (Child Outcomes), and 12 (Transition). These are intended to assist teams through the steps of collecting, analyzing, and using data to inform specific steps to developing quality programs for children.

Indicator 6 (Inclusion) Steps to Quality  

Indicator 7 (Child Outcomes Measures) Steps to Quality  

Indicator 12 (Transition)