Returning to School

Video Series from ECTA: Various Topics with videos of Families, Children, and Teachers

(Re)Opening Topics and Considerations for Schools – ECTA (5.22.2020)

Planning Considerations: Guidance for Re-entry – American Academy of Pediatrics (6.25.2020)

NAEYC Celebrating Media Literacy Resources

How we Go Back to School – A Series of Reports from Education Week journal. Describes options of models, transportation issues, and suggestions for reopening. Updated weekly.

Health, Bathroom, and Diapering Procedures

Reopening Plans from Illinois (includes specifics for exceptional education and early childhood programs

FDA Updates – Hand sanitizers

Sample Routine Schedule for Cleaning and Sanitizing

Ideas for Room Arrangement

Rebuilding the Pyramid – Supporting Children after a Break (updated 2020)

Considerations for Reopening after Extended Closure

Building Relationships (University of Connecticut)

When we All Come Together Again – printable story

Video of Circle Time for Calming (filmed before rules for distancing and masks) (Pyramid)

Going Back to School – printable story

Stories and Social Narratives related to COVID from Autism Little Learners

Teaching Young Children about Social Distancing (TATS)

COVID-19 – I Can Help

What is Social Distancing from Autism Little Learners

What Does Social Distancing Look Like?

Greetings Poster (Pyramid)

Greetings During COVID – Social Story from Autism Little Learners

Rosie Practices Social Distancing – read-along story

Teaching Young Children about Wearing Masks (TATS)

My Teacher Wears a Mask Story and Photos

Social Narrative – Wearing a Mask from Autism Little Learners

Wearing Masks – Helping Children Understand Emotions (Pyramid)

Wearing Masks (Pyramid challenging

Wearing Masks (Pyramid challenging – Spanish

Washing Hands Story (Pyramid)

Visuals – Safety Reminders for Covid-19

Stop the Spread – poster with 4 rules

Superhero Poster

Transitioning Back – Connecting with Families

Family Strategies – Help us Have a Good Day (Pyramid)

Connecting with Families – Tipsheet

My Teacher Wants to Know Info Form – Connecting with Families