Regional Trainings

NorthwestOkaloosa Summer InstituteJuly 16, 2024Okaloosa
Northwest Essentials for Embedding Social Skills and Emotional Competencies July 24, 2024Gadsden
Northwest Santa Rosa Summer Institute July 30, 2024Santa Rosa
North CentralTri-County Summer Professional LearningJune 17-18, 2024Dixie, Levy, Gilchrist
NortheastRYC Embedded InstructionMay 29, 2024Brevard
NortheastEssentials for Embedding Social Skills Development and Emotional CompetenciesJune 5, 2024Brevard
NortheastPK IEP Training June 17, 2024Flagler
NortheastNew Teacher RYC Training July 25, 2024Nassau
NortheastNew Teacher COS Training July 29, 2024Nassau
NortheastDifferentiated Instruction/Accomodations/Visuals August 20, 2024Flagler
NortheastInitial COS Training October 9, 2024Marion
NortheastInitial COS Training January 16, 2025Marion
NortheastInitial COS Training for SLPsFebruary 19, 2025Volusia
West CentralDifferentiated Instruction/Supporting Each and Every StudentMay 30, 2024Pasco
West CentralEngaging Students in Story Time/Supporting Communication in the ClassroomMay 31, 2024Pasco
West CentralRYC OverviewJune 18, 2024Hillsborough
West CentralAge Anchoring Process for COS July 22, 2024Hernando
West CentralRYC: Classroom SpacesJuly 23, 2024Hillsborough
West CentralCOS Teacher Training July 23, 2024Manatee
West CentralCOS Teacher Training July 29, 2024Pinellas
West CentralCOS Teacher Refresher Training July 30, 2024Pinellas
West CentralStaff Collaboration July 31, 2024Polk
West CentralStaff Collaboration August 1, 2024Polk
West CentralDifferentiated Instruction/Lesson Planning August 5, 2024Polk
West CentralMaking Brain Connections/Essentials for Embedding Social Skills DevelopmentAugust 5, 2024Polk
West CentralEssentials for Embedding Social Skills DevelopmentAugust 7, 2024Manatee
West CentralDeveloping IEP's in Early ChildhoodAugust 9, 2024Hillsborough
West CentralRYC: Lesson Planning August 27, 2024Hillsborough
West CentralRYC: Classroom SpacesSeptember 5, 2024Citrus
West CentralRYC: Engagement and ResponsivenessSeptember 24, 2024Hillsborough
West CentralAge Anchoring Process for COS September 26, 2024Polk
West CentralStaff CollaborationOctober 3, 2024Citrus
West CentralCOS Initial Training October 9-10, 2024Polk
West CentralRYC: Differentiated Instruction October 22, 2024Hillsborough
West CentralRYC: Facilitation of Social Skills November 5, 2024Hillsborough
West CentralPlanning Supports for Each and Every ChildNovember 7, 2024Citrus
West CentralMeaningful Interactions with PeersDecember 5, 2024Citrus
West CentralMath in Early ChildhoodJanuary 16, 2025Citrus
West CentralBreadth of the OutcomesFebruary 6, 2025Citrus
West CentralCOS: Elements of ExitMarch 6, 2025Citrus
West CentralSynthesizing COS InformationApril 3, 2025Citrus
West CentralCOS: Elements of ExitApril 3, 2025Polk
West CentralTransition to KindergartenMay 1, 2025Citrus
South/SouthwestRYC Classroom SpacesMay 29, 2024Charlotte
South/SouthwestSupporting Each and Every Child June 6, 2024Charlotte
South/SouthwestRYCSeptember 10, 2024Sarasota
South/SouthwestUsing the FELDS for Lesson Planning September 25, 2024Hendry
South/SouthwestRYCOctober 8, 2024Sarasota
South/SouthwestCommunication Development October 18, 2024Sarasota
South/SouthwestRYCNovember 12, 2024Sarasota
South/SouthwestRYCDecember 10, 2024Sarasota
South/SouthwestProgress Monitoring January 6, 2025Sarasota
South/SouthwestRYCJanuary 14, 2025Sarasota
South/SouthwestRYCFebruary 11, 2024Sarasota
South/SouthwestRYCMarch 11, 2025Sarasota
South/SouthwestTransition to Kindergarten and Family Involvement March 14, 2025Sarasota
South/SouthwestRYCApril 8, 2025Sarasota