Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Activity Matrices are valuable methods for observing and planning. Several examples are listed below:

Developing an Activity Matrix

Activity Matrix for 3 goals or 3 students 

Activity Matrix Based on Routines

Matrix with Levels of Prompts 

Listed below: Examples and Suggestions for tracking progress:

Examples and hints for Data Collection

Example Checklist for Monitoring during Routines

Example: Skill Assessment Checklist

Example: Transition Data Collection

Resources from the Office of Head Start – National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning (NCQTL) are available at the link below. The resources include hints and guides for teachers related to gathering data and completing progress monitoring forms.

Progress Monitoring Resources: The Office of Head Start – NCQTL 

Below: Links for Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards

Guide to Using the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards – Birth – K – 2017

Link to Standards Online: FL Early Learning and Developmental Standards 2017 from FL Division of Early Learning