OEL-TATS Collaborative Inclusion Conference October 27-29, 2020

Recording: Presentation – Debbie Cate – ECTA – Day 1 This presentation reviews the meaning of inclusion, current updates related to resources, and strategies for providing developmentally appropriate and high quality early childhood environments. PDF of Presentation – InclusionUpdates and Resources

Recording: Presentation – Dr. Lise Fox – Day 2 The presentation describes the importance of best practices related to Social-Emotional supports for young children. The Pyramid approach for establishing and maintaining relationships and instructional strategies throughout varying levels of needs for support. PDF of Inclusion presentation – Social Teaching Pyramid

Action Plans from the Conference

Guiding Questions for Developing Action Plans

Resource Links from Conference Presentations

Indicator 6 – Inclusion – Steps to Quality

Link to Conference Resources on Livebinder – entry key = sandbox