Information for Administrators – Resources for Program Effectiveness

Planning for Professional Development and Program Improvement

Gateway to Learning – Closing the Gap – Importance of PreK

Florida Early Learning Standards
Administrator’s Observation Guide (Walk-through) for Evidence-based Practices –  with descriptions, photos, and quality indicators

Administrator’s Checklist – fillable form

One-page Quick Links to Focus Areas

classroom spaces lesson planning link to embedding  engagement and responsiveness       individualizing instruction behavior ESE services     classroom management  social skills instruction self care and motor skillscommunication and language   resources tool kit for data checklist  entire document

Resources for Professional Development

Guide to Acronyms with links

Article – Intentional Teaching has Impact on Child Outcomes

Partnering with Families – Tools for Supervisors developed by The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning for Office of Head Start

Child Outcomes System Informational Overview

Steps to Quality page numbers manual – Steps and Guiding points for improving data quality and using data to plan for program improvements.

Local Child Outcomes Components and Quality Indicators This tool was developed by the Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems (DaSy) and the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA) .  Chapel Hill, NC: Early Childhood Technical  Assistance Center.

Administrative Walkthrough from TATS Archive