Ideas and Resources for Evaluations, Transition, and Collaborating with Families

Important – Document, Document, Document. Document your contacts, decisions, and actions. Save documentation of all remote meetings, signatures, and emails.

Remote Screening, Evaluation, and Assessment (ECTA – December 2, 2020)

Q & A IDEA Part B Provision of Services (September 28, 2020)

Tip Sheet for administering the BDI-2NU for Florida Child Outcomes Measurement System

Guidance Related to Evaluations and Services for Children with IEP’s (BEESS Updates) Important Notes for Pre-K ESE

IDEA Part B Procedureal Safeguards OSEP (updated 6.30.2020)

Updates from ECTA related to Screening, Evaluation, and Assessment

Practice Improvement Tools from ECTA – includes Assessment, Family Collaboration, Instruction, Environment

Information from Riverside Publishing – Using the BDI-2NU for conducting virtual evaluations

Norm-based Assessment tools with Potential for Remote Administration

Guidance related to Identifying and Serving Children during Closures

Q & A related to Pre-K Evaluations, Transition, and Additional Year (Updated 5.4.2020)

Transition Tips – Quick Guide – Covid 19 (5.9.2020)

Fact Sheet – Addressing COVID-19 While Protecting the Civil Rights of Students

Information – Transition Part C-B Verification Codes

ESE Hearing and Vision screening questionnaire

Florida Association of School Psychologists Press Release on Evaluations

Planning for the Use of Video Conferencing in Early Intervention

General Suggestions for Responding to the Move to Distance Learning (from Resolutions in Special Education) 3.25.2020

Strategies for Using Tele-Intervention in Early Intervention (ECTA)

Ideas for Developing Remote documentation