Guidance Documents and Resources

Remote Screening, Evaluation, and Assessment (ECTA – December 2, 2020)

Q & A IDEA Part B Provision of Services (September 28, 2020)

Q & A – Guidelines and Suggestions for Re-opening Schools and Returning to In-person Instruction

Q & A – Reopening Schools – FAPE, IEP’s, Evaluations, Services

Q & A – Safety Guidelines and IEP’s

Addressing Instruction Equitably during COVID-19

Medicaid School-based Services Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Telemed Flexibilities (5.22.2020) Telemedicine Guidance for School Service Providers (3.20.2020)

Guidance from ECTA with information about individual states’ policies

Leadership Team’s ReOpening Guide (National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations –

Q & A related to Pre-K Evaluations, Transition, and Additional Year (Updated 6.16.2020)

TATS Transition Tips – Quick Guide – Covid 19 (5.9.2020)

Questions and Answers about School Closings and Special Education Services (from ECTA)

Frequently Asked Questions – guidance letter related to school and office closures from US Office of Special Education (from ECTA website)

Fact Sheet – Addressing COVID-19 While Protecting the Civil Rights of Students

Frequently Asked Questions about FERPA and Coronavirus

HIPAA and FERPA Joint Guidance (not specific to COVID-19

FL DOE Q&A Guidance related to school closures (not specific to ESE)

Facts for Families about School Closings and Special Education Guidelines (from