Family Involvement

TATS supports families in gaining knowledge and understanding of policies and procedures that promote their full participation in the education of their children who have unique needs.

TATS Talks to Families

Briefs for families of young children with unique needs with information about Pre-K-program options, the Individual Educational Plan (IEP), and the transition process.

Importance of PreK – Information for Families

Child Development Milestones

National Center for Disease Control (CDC) is one of several organizations that provides research-based and/or evidence-based information. The information on the CDC site is free, downloadable, and/or printable. Most informational flyers and brochures are available in both English and Spanish and several are available in other languages upon request.  The links listed here are some examples of the resources available on the CDC website:

Overview of Developmental Domains (subdomains on BDI-2)

Developmental Domains Chart (subdomains from BDI-2)

1-2-3 Care Toolkit – Trauma-informed care

TATS Resources

Materials TATS has created to help families promote development as they nurture and play with their children.

TATS Talks about Developing Self-care and Independence

Tips for Family Engagement

Webinar – Family Collaboration, An Essential to Success – Dr. Barry Prizant

Key Elements of Special Education IDEA Parent Rights

Best Practices for Involving Families in Assessment Process

Web Resources – Partnering with Families

Partnering with Families – Tips for Teachers  developed by The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning for Office of Head Start

Partnering with Families – Tools for Supervisors  developed by The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning for Office of Head Start

Fathers Welcome Packet

Alphabet Soup Brochure