Enhancing Children’s Language Development in Preschool Classrooms

The link provides a series of seven documents focused on improving language teaching practices. Each document in the series presents step-by-step instructions and ideas for providing lessons, practice, and encouragement to facilitate communication in young children.

Source: Wilcox, M.J., Murphy, K.M., Bacon, C.K., and Thomas, S. (2001). Improving language teaching practices in preschool classrooms. Infant Child Research Programs, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona.

Enhancing Children’s Language –  Download pdf of 7 documents

Using Literacy to Target Verbal Language Goals – one-page article includes strategies for expanding language opportunities through books and stories –  pdf

Encouraging Complex Verbal Reasoning – one-page article about teaching children to make predictions, relate, and compare experiences  – pdf

Increasing Deconceptualized Language – one-page article about modeling and encouraging language and conversation during center play – pdf

Supporting Children’s Development of Personal Narrative – one-page article about encouraging personal statements

Facilitating Peer Interaction  – one-page article about facilitating communication during peer interactions

Teaching New Vocabulary Words – one-page article about teaching strategies for vocabulary and concept development

Promoting Second Language Acquisition – one-page article with suggestions for supporting children who are learning a second language