Communication and Language

Resources for Special Educators, Therapists, and Families – downloadable resources for both in-person and remote instruction

Ideas and Hints for Families – Communication

Ideas for Helping your Child with  Communication and Language  

Communicative Functions – video from Praactical AAC

How to be a SUPER Communication Partner

Wait Time – Do’s and Don’ts for AAC

Teach Before Test (from Praactical AAC

Talk, Read, and Sing Together Everyday

Talk, Read, and Sing Together Everyday (link to website for activities for varying ages)

Video – Communicating with Your Young Child (from CDC Parenting)

Activities to Encourage language Development (Reading Rockets) – Online resource

Encouraging Oral Language


Aided Language Stimulation for Home

Week (Day-by-Day) of Home Activities for Embedding Core Words and Vocabulary (from Praactical AAC)

AAC Everyday – Cooking Activities

Below – Supporting Children with Complex Needs: