Child Development

Families are often in search of information and resources that will give them ideas about child development, parenting strategies and possible developmental delays. At every stage of a child’s development, families ask questions such as “what should my child be doing now?” and “what should happen next?”.

When searching for information, it is important that families and teachers spend their valuable time gathering information from reliable and objective sources that are research-based and/or evidence-based.

National Center for Disease Control (CDC) is one of several organizations that provides research-based and/or evidence-based information. The information on the CDC site is free, downloadable, and/or printable. Most informational flyers and brochures are available in both English and Spanish and several are available in other languages upon request.  The links listed here are some examples of the resources available on the CDC website:

Milestone Tracker Virtual App on CDC website 

Complete a Virtual  Milestone Checklist – available on Help Me Grow Florida’s website

Help Me Grow Florida promotes early identification of developmental, behavioral or educational concerns, then links children and families to community-based services and supports at no cost to parents and caregivers. Refer to the website for information about locations, contacts, screenings, and other services:  Help Me Grow Florida’s website

Developmental Domains Chart (subdomains from BDI-2)

TATS Talks to Families  about Developing Self-care and Independence

1-2-3 Care Toolkit – Trauma-informed care