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The TATS team is appreciative of the time, effort, and work of numerous people who contributed to the success and growth of the children in early childhood settings.

As we approach the beginning of a new school year many staff members are planning and thinking of increasing the successes you have experienced. Below are step-by-step guides for developing processes related to Indicators 6 (Inclusion), 7 (Child Outcomes), and 12 (Transition). These are intended to assist teams through the steps of collecting, analyzing, and using data to inform specific steps to developing quality programs for children.

Indicator 6 (Inclusion) Steps to Quality  

Indicator 7 (Child Outcomes Measures) Steps to Quality  

Indicator 12 (Transition) 

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An additional focus topic for Summer is Supporting Families (link to TATS Talks to Families) through sharing useful information to assist in making the time they have together this summer productive and valuable.

TATS Talks to Families This section of the TATS website provides briefs for families of young children with information about programs, the Individual Educational Plan (IEP), and the transition process. Information is provided in English and Spanish.

TATS Summer Calendar is updated with ideas for every day for Summer 2022. The activities described in the calendar are easy and use household items or suggest ways for families to interact.

The resources listed below are a sampling of documents that provide an overview of information for families. The resources below include information about Kindergarten transition, as well as hints for activities that reinforce skills in easy and fun ways. Please share these resources and ideas with families.

Early Learning Parents’ Pages (June) from FL Division of Early Learning Articles include summer reading activities, as well as activities that focus on use of the senses for exploration and discovery.