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TATS Topics: August, 2021

Below are links to agencies that provide information for families and Early Childhood programs that are in need of information related to supporting children during emergencies and crisis situations.

Professional Development Resources – Listed below are professional organizations and resources for Early Childhood information:   

Family Involvement: 

TATS recognizes the importance of family involvement in children’s educational experiences. The following list highlights resources for families and includes numerous resources in Spanish. 
  • TATS Talks to Families – Resources include developmental checklists, ideas for reading to children, encouraging communication, and information related to Exceptional Education services for young children. 
  • TATS Summer Activity Calendar  – This is one of TATS most popular summer resources. The 4-month calendar includes simple activities that can be accomplished in just a few fun minutes each day. Kindergarten readiness activities are included but all activities are appropriate for various ages. 
  • Office of Early Learning: Parents’ Pages                                                                                                 

New information regarding Child Outcomes: Indicator 7: FL Child Outcomes Summary Process. Child Outcomes Summary Process (COS) is an exciting way of measuring and reporting the growth of our Pre-K students make. It supports evidence-based practices in developing goals, instruction, and progress monitoring. 

TATS Indicator Fact Sheet (State Indicators 6, 7, & 12)  provides quick facts and information related to the State Performance Plan indicators.  Data related to your SPP indicators can be found on your district LEA Profile. Additional resources for Indicators are included in the links listed below: