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Topic of the Month: Summer 2018

The TATS topic for the summer months centers on completing data corrections for Florida Child Outcomes Measurements System. Ensuring that you capture all the targeted students is the best way to ensure accurate and reliable data. Our TATS website has a section dedicated to supporting these efforts, located at Child Outcomes Resources or by contacting your TATS Regional Facilitator.

**Reminder- students who received the BDI2 NU on data entry (enter after October 1, 2017) should receive the BDI2 NU on exit.

Please review the information linked to our topic of the month as well as the tools to support the child outcomes measurement system, BDI-2, and the exit assessment.

We thank you for your continued efforts for our youngest learners. Your TATS Regional Facilitator looks forward to supporting your initiatives. TATS Staff. 

Resources for the Administrators  can be found from the home page on the pages Administrator Resources  and Curriculum and Instruction (links under Classroom Ideas)

The TATS Professional Development series includes multiple resources in the Administrators’ Observation Guide for Evidence-based Practices and the corresponding “Rock Your Classroom” guide for teachers

Links to Focus Topics are below:


classroom spaces lesson planning classroom managementsocial skills instruction self care and motor skillsESE servicescommunication and language engagement and responsiveness individualizing instruction resources tool kit for data checklist  entire document