TATS Topics: April, 2021

FL Child Outcomes Resources and Toolkits    are available to assist districts in the use of the BDI-2NU in relation to Exit data.  

New information regarding Child Outcomes: Indicator 7: FL Child Outcomes Summary Process. Child Outcomes Summary Process (COS) is an exciting way of measuring and reporting the growth of our Pre-K students make. It supports evidence-based practices in developing goals, instruction, and progress monitoring. 

TATS Facilitators are pleased to announce the addition of Office Hours designated for discussions and sharing resources with district teachers and staff. Hours and Zoom links are listed here: Office Hours – Conversations with Regional Facilitators

Resources for Supporting Students focuses on supporting children and families. In response to school closures during Spring 2020 and return to in-person instruction in Fall 2020, TATS has developed and compiled resources to assist districts in developing processes for providing services to children and their families. The links to these resources  are at this location: COVID-19 Resources for Remote and In-person Instruction, Policy and Procedure Updates, and Family Engagement. 

Resources related to Instruction during COVID-19 situations are also located on specific topic pages on this website. 

Take a look at the TATS webpage of  Resources for Fostering Equity  

TATS Indicator Fact Sheet (State Indicators 6, 7, & 12)  provides quick facts and information related to the State Performance Plan indicators.  Data related to your SPP indicators can be found on your district LEA Profile. If you need additional information, please contact your TATS Regional Facilitator.  Link on the icon below to the recording of the Session for New Pre-K ESE Contacts presented at the Contacts Conference on February 22, 2021. 

Additional resources for Indicators are included in the links listed below:

The TATS Professional Development series includes multiple resources in the  Administrator Observation Guide to Evidence-based Practices and the corresponding “Rock Your Classroom” Guide for Teachers