State Indicator 7 – Child Outcomes

                                                                                                                                                                                 Link to the Data Tool Kit for Child Outcomes to find key resources for guidelines, timelines. running and using the Macro, and correcting errors in data.
Links listed below are for resources for Child Outcomes and Data Clean-up

Protocol for Purging Data from the BDI – Description of the process completed in August that takes out records that no longer need to be stored in the BDI-2 Data Manager. This is not related to the Macro, data correction, or the deadline for current entry/exit data that is pulled by the state for COM.

Data Clean-up
Resources for BDI-2 Data Manager and MDS
Child Outcomes Resources – Link here for additional Child Outcomes resources
Lists for District Pre-K Contacts and TATS Facilitators
Ordering Information for BDI-2
Family Flyer (Descriptions of Child Outcomes Measurements for Families)

 History and Overview of Child Outcomes Measures