State Indicator 7 – Child Outcomes

                                                                                                                                                                                 Link to theDataTool Kit for Child Outcomes to find key resources for guidelines, timelines. running and using the Macro, and correcting errors in data.

Data Management – Steps to Quality w. planning notes

Links listed below are for resources for Child Outcomes and Data Clean-up

Protocol for Purging Data from the BDI – Description of the process completed in August that takes out records that no longer need to be stored in the BDI-2 Data Manager. This is not related to the Macro, data correction, or the deadline for current entry/exit data that is pulled by the state for COM.

Data Clean-up
Resources for BDI-2 Data Manager and MDS
Child Outcomes Resources – Link here for additional Child Outcomes resources
Lists for District Pre-K Contacts and TATS Facilitators
Ordering Information for BDI-2
Family Flyer (Descriptions of Child Outcomes Measurements for Families)

 History and Overview of Child Outcomes Measures