Topic of the Month: October 2017

Hurricane Irma brought about many challenges to the start of our new school year. I hope this monthly update finds you, your students and their families, safe and settling back into the daily routine. Please use the information on environmental arrangement and visual supports to assist children in getting back into their school routine.  Links with resources for helping children are listed below:

Helping Children Cope After a Hurricane

FL Early Learning for Families – Helping Children in the Aftermath of the Hurricane

Last month we focused on setting up the environment to support the learning and success of all students. Now that we have addressed the environment, we are taking an in-depth look into instruction.

Our focus this month is on effective Lesson Planning, adapting for individual needs and the use of progress monitoring to guide instruction towards individual goals. As you look through the information, please explore the many resource links on the page of each section.

Please return at the beginning of each month to view our new topic. We hope you visit even more
frequently and familiarize yourself with all of the resources we have available to support your district plan to increase child outcomes for young children with disabilities.

Resources for previous months can be found from the home page on the pages Administrator’s Resources and Curriculum and Instruction (links under Classroom Ideas)

The TATS Professional Development series includes multiple resources in the Administrators’ Observation Guide for Evidence-based Practices and the corresponding “Rock Your Classroom” guide for teachers.  The links are below: 

“Rock Your Classroom” – Focus on Lesson Planning – Resources and Evidence-based Practices with photos and quality indicators:   
 Administrators’ Guide – Focus on Lesson Planning