Topic of the Month: February, 2020

topic of the month

The TATS topic for February focuses on Indicator 7 (Florida Child Outcomes Measures).  Within this link you will find a great deal of resources to support the requirements of the use of the BDI-2NU, as well as resources related to data management, and interpretation and use of data. Additional information can be found on Data Tool Kit for Child Outcomes.

Additional learning in this area can be received as an independent course in the BEESS PDA Portal: Developmental Inventory – Second Edition, Normative Update. This course provides an overview of administering the BDI-2NU, as well as information about entering the scores into the BDI-2NU Data Manager. 

New for our leaders of Pre-K ESE, is our Indicator Fact Sheet (State Indicators 6, 7, & 12)  which will provide quick facts and information related to the State Performance Plan indicators.  Data related to your SPP indicators can be found on your district LEA Profile. If you need additional information, please contact your TATS Regional Facilitator.

Additional resources for Indicators are included in the links listed below:

The TATS Professional Development series includes multiple resources in the  Administrator Observation Guide to Evidence-based Practices and the corresponding “Rock Your Classroom” guide for teachers

New: Administrator’s Checklist – fillable form
One-page Quick Links to Focus Areas
Links to Focus Topics are below:

    Rock your Classroom

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