Webinar Series on Integrated Therapy

Integrated Therapy - Webinar 1 - What if Preschoolers Could Get Interventions All Day

Presenter: Robin A. McWilliam, Ph.D.

  • What if Preschoolers Could Get Interventions All Day (.ppt)
  • Recording of Presentation (Adobe Connect™)
  • Presentation (.ppt)
  • IEP Goals (.pdf)
  • Integrated Therapy Checklist (.pdf)
  • Integrated Therapy: Receiving Consultation (.pdf)
  • Collaborative Consultation to Child Care (.pdf)
  • Consultative Model Checklized - Individualized Within Routines (.pdf)
  • Integrated Therapy into the Classroom (.pdf)

  • Integrated Therapy - Webinar 2 - Wisconsin Shares Their Journey

    Presenter: Wendi Schriter & Mary Joslin, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Early Childhood Program

  • Inventory of Practice: IEP Process and Procedures(.pdf)
  • Preschool Inclusion Benchmarks of Quality (.pdf)
  • Florida Webinar Guiding Questions (.pdf)
  • LRE Graphic (.pdf)
  • References and Resources Handout (.pdf)
  • Integrated Therapy - Webinar 3 - Developing Integrated Approaches to Enhance Student Learning in Florida

    Presenter: Lucinda Kelly, Hendry County, and Sandra Erickson, Pinellas County

  • It Starts with a Promise (.ppt)
  • Using Collaborative Planning to Develop an Integrated Approach (.pdf)