Curriculum & Instruction

TATS supports staff in the development and implementation of curriculum and instruction which address Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards with emphasis on strategies and accommodations that support Universal Design for Learning.

Adaptive Skills

Strategies for incorporating adaptive skills into classroom instruction.

Adaptive and Self-care Skills Overview

Helping Students Develop Independence 

Strategies for Teaching Toileting Skills

Strategies for  Dressing Skills

Strategies for Teaching Feeding Skills

Strategies for Hygiene Skills

Helping Children Develop Skills in Personal Responsibility


Motor Skills

Strategies for incorporating motor skills into classroom  instruction.

Communication Skills

Strategies for incorporating communication skills into classroom instruction.

TATS Talks for Professionals – Supporting Communication Overview

TATS Talks for Professionals – Supporting Literacy and Communication Overview


Cognitive & Pre-Academic Skills

Strategies for incorporating pre-academic readiness skills into classroom instruction.

Social Emotional Skills

Strategies for incorporating socal emotional skills into the classroom instruction.

Ideas for Classrooms

Observation and Planning Guide for best practices in Pre-K classrooms.

Administrator’s Observation Guide  for Evidence-based practices

“Rock Your Classroom” – Professional Development Guide

Universal Design for Learning

Resources for Evidence-based Practices